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Don’t Panic! How to Handle a Social Media Marketing Crisis

Social media is a great way to rub virtual shoulders with potential and actual customers. But some marketers are hesitant to dive in. That’s understandable; social can be intimidating, and extremely unpredictable. Things happen fast –especially on channels like Twitter

How to Build Your Twitter Following (for Free)

Twitter is great, but you need followers to make it pay off. While you can just head over to Twitter Ads and create a Followers campaign, that will cost you up to $3 per follower. Buying cheap followers is even

The Word Of The Year Is a #Hashtag

The American Dialect Society, founded in 1889, is dedicated to the study of the English language as practiced in North America, and of the other languages or dialects that influence it (or are influenced by it). Its website describes its

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter With #Confidence

I tried to explain Twitter to my father over the Christmas holiday. He’s 78. He particularly wanted to know what a hashtag is. So I started talking about how the pound symbol always precedes a hashtag and he interrupted: “They’re

11 Steps to Using Twitter for Lead Generation

To paraphrase Jack Dorsey, cofounder of Twitter, “Commerce isn’t about money; it’s about conversation.” 200 million of Twitter’s 500 million users send over 400 million tweets daily (nearly 60% through mobile devices). That’s a lot of conversations. While the numbers

Tweetchat 101

What’s a Tweetchat? And why should you care? For all of you green social media users, Tweetchats are: Virtual meetings held on Twitter A draw for people with similar interests Generally held at a fixed day and time, often repeating

3 Twitter Tools That Help You Manage Your Account(s)

If you Google “Twitter Tools,” get ready to be bombarded with about 1.3 billion search results. If you’re new to Twitter or just looking to learn a few simple tricks of the trade, here’s a list of three easy-to-use Twitter

Are You Thinking Global With Your Social?

The power, transparency and connectivity social media provides has contributed to making the world a much smaller place. It’s gotten much easier to get your brand in front of global consumers and conduct business with foreign customers. That means that

Using Social Media for Sales Prospecting

Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and CEO of Selling Power asked Shawn Naggiar, Act-On’s Chief Revenue Officer, “What’s changed about how social media impacts sales and marketing, and what do organizations need to do to stay up to speed?” “Social media has

4 Ways to Lower Your Social Media Bounce Rate

By now you’ve probably developed a strategy for incorporating social media into your marketing efforts. If you’ve been proactive, this means including social media links in and on collateral such as your company website, email marketing messages, press releases, white