Understanding Inbox Placement

“Clutter,” the new Microsoft-powered feature designed to move low priority messages out of your inbox, has officially been turned on for all Office 365 users. This resonates with several trends we have recognized such as the introduction of Google Inbox

Optimize Content for Email Deliverability

Marketers know that there’s a long list of components and factors that can affect email deliverability. Each factor, from authentication to list management to content creation, needs to be managed to clear different hurdles to getting inbox placement. Many of these

If Nobody’s Home, Why Keep Knocking?

Picture this scenario: You have some important news you have to tell a friend; you run to their house and knock loudly on the door, but no one is home. The next day you run over to their house once

Is That Spam? Part 2: David Fowler Replies

Last week Liz Chafee wrote a post for us called Is That Spam?, in which she brought up some of the gaps between CAN-SPAM compliance and actual best practices for email marketing. This week, David Fowler, Act-On’s Chief Deliverability and

Is That Spam?

We recently received a guest post from Elizabeth Chasse, Marketing Supervisor at BlumShapiro in Connecticut. Liz was pondering the existential nature of spam, and we thought this might be a good two-part post. In part 1, we’ll give Liz’s thoughts,