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The Blame Game : Open Rates vs Deliverability

As a deliverability specialist, one of the most frequent gripes I hear from my clients is low open rates. Across the industry, regardless of which email service provider (ESP) is involved, I can guarantee you this is on the top

Treats or Tricks? 13 Timeless Marketing Horrors

Marketing can be a high-wire act. Multi-tasking can turn into juggling, and the stakes have a way of going up all the time. Maybe that’s why it’s such a thrill when things go well. When customers are happy, revenue is

How Do I Prepare for Marketing Automation?

We’re in the early days of marketing automation. In fact, I believe that marketing automation (MA) adoption is today where social media adoption was in 2004. VentureBeat reported just last year that only about 3% of non-tech companies have adopted marketing

How to Entice Your Clients to Join the Marketing Automation Party

You’ve reveled in the magic of automating your agency’s marketing strategies and campaigns because it’s made a world of difference in how you conduct campaigns and measure results, not to mention the fact that you’re continually increasing revenue for your

Marketing Automation for the New Buyer’s Journey

Just a few short years ago, the average B2B buyer still responded well to the classic marketing and sales tag-team approach, with marketing providing high-quantity product exposure and sales moving in to close the deal. This had been the model for