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Why CEOs Say Yes to Marketing Automation

Why all the noise about marketing automation? As a category, industry revenues grew 50% to reach the $1.2 billion in 2014, and are expected to grow another 50% in 2015 to $1.8 billion, notes analyst David Raab. That’s stratospheric by

US Fleet Tracking Scores Success With Marketing Automation

Sam Sims, Director of Public Relations and Marketing for US Fleet Tracking, made the move to marketing automation to capture actionable data for targeted lead generation. He knew he wanted a system that could also communicate across multiple systems in

When is the right time to implement marketing automation?

Timing, they say, is everything. If you’re considering marketing automation, there are five particularly auspicious times to consider it: When the business is in startup mode. You’re already making rapid changes and implementing new processes; marketing automation can actually smooth

Marketing Must Master Its Own Technology

Not long ago, marketers just marketed, which is the backbone of any business. They were responsible for advertising, content, branding, targeting, direct mail, positioning, lead generation and so on. All these are programs that keep a company’s products and services

Top 10 Email Delivery Best Practices

In a recent webinar titled “Best Practices in List Building and Deliverability,” Act-On Software Product Marketing Manager, Jeff Linton and Don Wynns, Director of Business Development at ZoomInfo tips for building and maintain quality email lists, as well as maximizing