How Important is Lead Scoring?

A lot of marketing teams still guess about when the right time is to pass a lead to sales. Is it after the prospect downloads that 17-page eBook? After they click on a few emails? How about after they spend

Lead Scoring Strategies for Agencies: Best Practices

How can agencies help businesses develop lead scoring strategies that get results? To find out, I talked to Sam Boush, President of Lead Lizard, a marketing automation agency (and Act-On partner) based in Portland, Oregon.  Lead Lizard serves clients from

4 Ways Marketing Automation Can Create a Pot o’ Gold

Though sales and marketing departments use different strategies and tactics, their missions are complementary: revenue generation. Adding a marketing automation system to these departments can directly contribute to their collective success, ultimately helping them meet and exceed revenue goals. What Can

Optimize the Sales Funnel with Lead Scoring

I‘ve been in sales for 20 years, and I can say for certain that new sales leads are vital to a company’s continued existence. However, once marketing gets those leads flowing, it soon becomes apparent that there’s more to success