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Digital Debris: Why Data Needs an Expiration Date

I recently received a letter from a large health insurance company. Not my current provider, mind you. One that covered my health care many years ago. In fact, I almost recycled the envelope without reading it, since I assumed they

3 Challenges To Make You Drop Your (Email) Shotgun

Someplace, my name is on a direct mail list. Given the junk mail I get, I’d bet that list has been sold over and over again. I’d always been a very poor return on investment for these mailers but then

David and Goliath: How Small Players Beat Out the Big Banks

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in the National Mortgage Professional Magazine. We are re-posting it here because the advice has value for any small- or medium-sized business (a David) competing against giants in the same industry (the Goliaths,

Ten Ways to Lose a Lead

Ignore them on social media when they post a comment or query. Social’s just a passing fad, right? Pay no mind to your customer’s digital body language. Marketing may see what a prospect is interested in, but they don’t really

Tactics for Growing Your Email Marketing Lists

Today we’re sharing one of Marketing Sherpa’s excellent charts with you. The data shows the responses to the survey question “Which of the following tactics is your organization using to drive email list growth? Please select all that apply.” Website

What Costs More Than CRM?

I recently visited the president – a very worried president – of a company whose lead sales rep left and took along $2 million worth of business. That’s a pretty hefty chunk of change for any business and, for some