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The Resurgence of Email Marketing

When Facebook added inline advertising as part of its venture into the public stock market in 2012, it seemed like email marketing was soon to be a thing of the past. McKinsey’s iConsumer survey reported a 20% decline in email

21 Essential (And Not So Essential) Elements of Email

Minimalism is in. Not just for home décor and fashion, but for web design and email design, too. The trend goes beyond just looks. Minimalism makes for better conversion rates. Its simplicity focuses the user’s attention, thus making them more likely

10 Best Practices for Mobile-Friendly Emails

Have you heard? It’s official: More emails are opened on mobile devices than on desktops. Litmus’s most recent count showed about 53% of emails being opened on mobile devices; Movable Ink’s Q1 2015 Mobile Device study found 67% of email

15 Ways to Synchronize Social Media and Email Marketing

Social media and email marketing are two of the most widely used digital marketing tactics. They’ve both had their ups and downs over the years, and been subject to wild speculations, but they’re still here and still performing. People will just

8 Terrible Email Subject Lines

You have read a literal mountain of articles, whitepapers, and eBooks on how to craft the perfect email subject line. You’ve taken great strides in mastering this art, creating that one line that captures your reader’s attention in the fraction