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New Year, New Email IP Address?

Are you transitioning to a new email service provider (ESP)? How and why to consider a dedicated IP address vs. a shared IP address.

The Blame Game : Open Rates vs Deliverability

As a deliverability specialist, one of the most frequent gripes I hear from my clients is low open rates. Across the industry, regardless of which email service provider (ESP) is involved, I can guarantee you this is on the top

Holiday Email Deliverability Checklist

The holiday season is officially in full swing and it’s projected to be a big one. (Average spending per person is expected to reach $805!!!) Have you started your holiday email campaigns yet? I know I’ve started scouring marketing emails

The Act-On Email Deliverability Glossary, Part 2

This glossary defines the most common terms that the email marketer should be familiar with, in order to manage the many components of deliverability. We ran Part 1 of the Deliverability Glossary last week; you can catch up with it