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Act-On’s APEX: A New Kind of Partner Program, With Real Value

The world as we know it: Complicated applications (and that’s most of them) depend on a partner ecosystem to help install and set up their products. Implementing, training, working with IT…much partner consulting time is usually spent wrestling with the

Coming Attractions: This Week’s Act-On Webinars

This week’s free, informative webinars include: Lead Intel: Readying the Field to Successfully Follow-Up on Marketing Leads Ensuring the sales team has the information it needs at its fingertips will enable them to see the whole picture — and make

Lead Scoring Basics: 8 Steps to Getting Started

You’ve probably been reading about lead scoring lately; it’s a trending topic because it works so well to generate higher-quality leads…and as it’s too labor-intensive to do by hand, it’s a key win for marketing automation. So you’ve got the

MarketingSherpa Webinar: FUEL (for Your Fire!) August 23, 2012

Here’s your chance to learn about MarketingSherpa’s new FUEL methodology, in a free webinar. Lead generation experts Jen Doyle and Stonie Clark (respectively, Senior Research Manager and Research Associate with MECLABS/MarketingSherpa) will present Creating Customer-Centric Messaging for Optimal Lead Generation.

3 Key Trends in Email Deliverability

As a follow up to our recent Deliverability Webinar, I wanted to take a moment and highlight some of the key areas that you should be considering for your email marketing objectives for 2012 and beyond: Consumer Engagement: There has

Ten Tips for Successful Inbound Marketing

I will kick off this blog post with one simple question: “Who doesn’t want a buyer to seek you out, find you – and then walk into your store?” That’s inbound marketing. Sounds great, right? I love talking about inbound