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Big Data Can Help Your Email Deliverability

It has been almost a year since CASL, the Canadian Anti-Spam Law, went into force. Wow! Since its inception, many marketers have asked us what information they need to keep in their database on their email recipients, to ensure they

Nail Your Holiday Email Sending Practices NOW

‘Tis the season…to prepare for the Season. We are heading for the busiest time of the year, and whether you scale your email marketing up during the holidays or not, the fact is that the email environment will be more

How Engagement Affects Email Deliverability

Back in August 2013, I wrote a blog on 5 Keys to Email Inbox Delivery, which identified engagement as the Number One key to optimal email delivery. In the blog I briefly touched on how engagement is a metric used

5 Reasons Why Email List Hygiene Is a Serious Marketing Priority

The email ecosystem is constantly updating, changing the way we strategize email marketing initiatives. Tactics that worked three to five years ago don’t necessarily work today.  Today, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) look at many different variables when determining whether to