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Interactive Content and Quizzes: An Overview

Editor’s note: Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Josh Haynam, the co-founder of Interact, a fast-growing platform for creating responsive quizzes that help you generate engagement and capture leads. Follow Josh on Twitter @JHaynam. In 2013, the most viewed

SugarCRM Partner Sees 7X Increase in Qualified Leads

It’s always a great pleasure when an Act-On customer achieves outstanding success in some way. In the case of W-Systems Corporation, that success story has multiple layers, extending to W-Systems’ own clients. W-Systems Corporation helps companies integrate their sales and

Is Marketing Automation Worth the Investment?

Researchers keep saying that marketing automation is growing really, really fast. What’s all the hubbub, Bub? Is it worth the investment? For most companies, yes. This is more than my (admittedly biased) vested opinion; the research shows clearly that companies