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Sherry is the editor of Act-On's Marketing Action blog. She also writes and edits eBooks, white papers, case studies, and miscellanea. She is an award-winning creative writer.

Turning Website Visitors into Leads

Jim Obermayer is the host of the Sales Lead Management Radio Program, which goes out to over 8,000 worldwide members of the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA). Recently, he interviewed Janelle Johnson, director of demand generation at Act-On, about the

Getting Down to Business: Nurturing Leads

Serial entrepreneur and small business expert David Weatherholt is the host of Getting Down to Business®, a radio talk show focused on the small business. Recently he interviewed Aaron Bolshaw, Act-On’s Group Manager of Database Marketing, about the fine art

Are You Ready For the Future of Email?

Heather R Morgan is an economist, writer and entrepreneur. She is the principal of SalesFolk, an agency that helps companies win friends and influence people (and increase leads and conversion) through persuasive, captivating sales and marketing copy. Recently Heather sat

Labor Day – the End of Summer

Editor’s Note: This post is a summer rerun.  We are taking the day off, and think you should too. Put down that smart phone, and go for a walk. Play Frisbee. Blow up a balloon. Take the kids to the