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Rekha is a junior English/film double major at Kenyon College, who will spend the next school year studying in England (and hopefully hanging out with Kate Middleton and her baby. A girl can dream.) This summer, she's a marketing intern with Act-On Software, applying her writing and editing skills to a wide range of projects.

Buyer Persona Basics

“A buyer persona is an example of the real person who buys, or might buy, products like the ones you market,” according to Adele Revella, who also advises that you hold direct interviews with real buyers and build your personas

Getting Started with Video Marketing: Q & A

This post is a continuation of last week’s “Is 2014 the Year of Video Marketing?” This week, I’ll be recapping Richard Boehmcke of Vibrant Motion, Kristen Craft of Wistia, and Zach Cole of Lyft as they A your Qs. Q:

Is 2014 the Year of Video Marketing?

A few weeks ago, Act-On sponsored the webinar “Content Marketing: Is 2014 Really Shaping Up to Be the Year of Video?” This post, which sums up a presentation by Richard Boehmcke of Vibrant Motion, Kristen Craft of Wistia, and Zach

5 Social Media Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

We’ve all made social media faux pas before – a few weeks ago, I accidentally sent a group of friends what I thought was a recipe. It turned out to be an accidental selfie I had taken while unaware that

Terry Forsey Consulting Builds Business with Marketing Automation

Editor’s note: We love success stories, especially those involving marketing automation. Even better: The success stories our clients tell when marketing automation allows them to succeed, sometimes even beyond what they hoped for. In 2012, Terry Forsey Consulting, a specialist

Got Marketing ROI?

If there’s friction between your marketing and sales teams, it might be due to the way each team is measured. Sales is numbers-driven; performance is measured by quotas you can hit and revenue you can count. Marketing, on the other

B2B: Your Demand Generation Problems, and What To Do About Them

Demand generation is a perpetual process, not a series of campaigns, says Carlos Hidalgo, CEO of Annuitas and presenter of the webinar “Taking a Strategic Approach to Demand Generation.” Carlos begins with an unsparing account of what B2B demand generation

How to Define Your Nurture Marketing Audience

Before you can launch a successful nurture marketing campaign, you must define your audience. The objective is to know your target audience well enough to create nurture campaigns that feel personal to them by speaking to their specific concerns. You

Understanding Nurture Marketing

Forrester Research defines lead nurturing very simply: Lead nurturing is a process by which leads are tracked and developed into sales-qualified leads. The goal is to affect the sales outcome; the process is to reach the buyer in the formative

Content Marketing on a Shoestring Budget: Distribution

Here’s part two of of our recap of the webinar “Direct Marketing on a Shoestring Budget, Part 2: Content Marketing.” In the last post, I covered Carolyn Goodman’s tips for generating outstanding content; you can check that out here. Part

Guidelines for White Papers and Case Studies

Carolyn Goodman, president and creative director of Goodman Marketing Partners, Inc, defines content marketing as “creation and distribution of original content that has perceived value in order to positively position your brand in the minds of your prospects and customers.”