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Congratulations, Oracle & Responsys!

With the acquisition of Responsys, Oracle now has legitimate solutions for every stage of the complete customer lifecycle (B2B and B2C marketing, sales, support, and last but not least, billing & accounting).  Oracle has long owned the enterprise back office.

Salesforce Buys ExactTarget. Who Benefits?

Today’s announcement of Salesforce buying ExactTarget for a significant premium truly validates the importance of email marketing in the modern enterprise. The email marketing sector has produced multiple winners in the past, such as  Constant Contact (NASDAQ: CTCT) and Responsys

Oracle Buys Eloqua. The Game is Afoot.

As today’s acquisition of Eloqua by Oracle fills the Twitter stream and floods the presses, I thought it was relevant to revisit the current state of the marketing automation industry, and discuss what this news means to the rest of

Hubspot Joining The Rest of Us

Hubspot has spent the last several years promoting “inbound marketing” and vilifying “interruption marketing” (their catch-all phrase for magazine ads, billboards, TV ads, email marketing, telemarketing, pushy salespeople at WalMart and just about every form of traditional marketing). All this


We are very pleased to announce that we are adding our own three-letter acronym to the business lexicon: SMT, standing for Small Marketing Teams. Since we target companies of all sizes, people tend to assume that we target SMBs. This

Peering into the Future

Last week, I had the good fortune to hear Geoffrey Moore (famed author of Crossing the Chasm, The Gorilla Game, Inside the Tornado, Living on the Faultline and Dealing with Darwin) speak about the future of enterprise IT. Moore has always had

We Are Nice, We Don’t Bite!

I am not sure why our competitors are so afraid of us. We are one of the last entrants into this space. We have a simple and elegant (but powerful) product that we sell at a very affordable price. We

Tales from the Front Lines

True story. One of our new sales reps was sending out a contract for a deal that he was closing. He fat-fingered the e-mail address, with the result that the contract was sent to the wrong company. Next day, the

The User Is Always Right!

I happened to read a brand new research report yesterday from one of the many talking heads in the marketing automation space. (I am not going to mention any names since (a) they are famous and (b) we are a