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Monique Torres is a senior writer for Act-On Software and regular contributor to the Act-On Marketing Action blog. She has nearly 20 years’ experience in the marketing industry, with a focus on digital marketing and market research for high-tech.

The ROI of Influencer Marketing

What does it mean to be an influencer marketing company? And, furthermore, can the value and impact of influencers be measured? It’s a topic many businesses grapple with as they work to keep up with – and strategically harness –

Buzzword Watch: Stop Saying That. Really. Stop.

I’ve been a business writer for a long time; long enough to admit that it’s kept me (happily) on the bright side of a penny. Long enough, too, to realize (less happily) that I’ve gotten lazy. It didn’t happen all

7 Tips to Take PowerPoint Presos from “Meh” to “Wow”

PowerPoint is a handy program that can bring out the best and worst in information delivery: for every presentation that’s interesting and wow-worthy, there’s one (or maybe 10) that’s miserably unbearable. No one wants their stuff to be the latter,

87 New (Really) Marketing Automation Stats

This is a January 2015 update to the original April 2014 post. It’s been expanded from 70 stats to 87. We have not changed the URL to keep the integrity of inbound links. They’re getting old. Many of the marketing

A Celebration of the Season: 10 Holidays that Showcase Our Diversity

The etymology of holiday harkens to the Proto-Germanic hailagaz (“holy, bringing health”) and hailaz (“healthy”). Descendants are many, including Old English halig, Old Saxon hēlag, German heilag, Gothic hailags, and Swedish helig. During the Middle Ages – roughly between the