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More Marketing Fundamentals with Thor Johnson

Guest host Jeff Ogden and demand generation pioneer Thor Johnson continue their discussion of marketing fundamentals,  discussing: Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing Voice of the Customer Importance of Internal Relationships How Technology Supports your Plan As an experienced marketing executive

More Finding Happiness with Randy Garn

Guest host Jeff Ogden and special guest Randy Garn, nationally recognized author, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Prosper Inc., continue their discussion on: Randy’s motivation for starting Prosper Inc. Changes and shifts in marketing toward storytelling The impact of social media

More B2B Marketing with Paul Dunay

Guest host Jeff Ogden and special guest Paul Dunay, CMO of Networked Insights and author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies, continue their discussion on: Small company vs. Large company marketing The importance of buyer personas Approaches for creating engaging content

More Return on Influence with Mark Schaefer

Guest host Jeff Ogden and special guest Mark Schaefer, author and marketing professor at Rutgers University, continue their discussion on:  Mark’s new book, “Return on Influence” Tips for increasing and maintain your Klout score The importance of blogging in marketing today Join