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Craig Rosenberg is a well-known and respected thought leader on marketing and sales topics with an emphasis on demand generation. He speaks frequently at both live and virtual conferences and other events on a number of topics in which he is immersed, including demand generation, lead management, marketing trends, social media, and marketing technologies. Craig also contributes to e-books, webinars and a range other digital content. Many in the industry also know him by his blogger handle: The Funnelholic. You can also follow him on Twitter (@Funnelholic).

The Missing Link to Marketing ROI: Lead Qualification

Lead qualification may not seem like a sexy topic, but it’s the key to lead conversion, sales and marketing alignment, and ultimately revenue. In numerous accounts I managed as a demand generation consultant, the solution to a lot of problems

Ten Tips for Successful Inbound Marketing

I will kick off this blog post with one simple question: “Who doesn’t want a buyer to seek you out, find you – and then walk into your store?” That’s inbound marketing. Sounds great, right? I love talking about inbound