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SugarCRM / Act-On Integration Prompts Prosperity for Propelics

Yes, I know an 800% year-over-year increase in revenue sounds too good to be true. But when Adam Bookman, co-founder and partner of Propelics, analyzed the profitability metrics following the first year of their Act-On and SugarCRM integration, he realized

10 Tweetable Insights for Better Webinars

As you’ve hopefully already discovered, webinars are a good way to generate leads, nurture existing leads, and interact with current customers. Recently, BrightTALK hosed a live video roundtable titled, “4 Demand Generation Strategies Using Webinars.” During this roundtable, a panel

Customer Data: Learn What to Track, When, and Why

There’s a lot of buzz now about “big data” – and, as marketers, we have more data about prospects and customers available to us now than ever before. It’s exciting yes, but it can also be overwhelming! Knowing how to

The Real Secrets to Higher-Quality Leads and More Revenue

Eric Albertson, chief of the Albertson Performance Group, shared with us seven proven lead generation success secrets that lead to higher-quality leads and more revenue. Key #1: Alignment It’s important to align people, goals, the marketing team, and the sales

7 Must-Haves for a Great Webinar

Register for this power-packed 30-minute webinar now Webinars are one of the best lead generation mediums marketing organizations can offer in terms of both quality and quantity. The only catch is: You can’t produce a high-quality event without a sound

Online Video Marketing: Why Video, Why Now?

In a recent Target Marketing webinar sponsored by Act-On Software, the Online Marketing Deep Dive blog’s Perry Alexander and Gary Hennerberg discussed how businesses can deploy online video for effective direct marketing. Why Video, Why Now? According to Perry, there

Expand Your Global Reach with Marketing Automation

With the rise of online marketing, it’s never been easier to become a global brand…but there are still big challenges. The structural facts of time zones and logistics – and the human factors of cultural diversity –remain significant barriers to

5 Tips for Improving Lead and Demand Generation Results

When it comes to lead generation, there’s one thing that every business professional can agree on: high quality leads are important. In a recent episode of Mad Marketing TV, NetProspex VP of Marketing Maribeth Ross discussed actions that businesses can

Lead Me On: 7 Factors For Higher-Quality Leads

The one thing all marketers have in common is the need for more leads. “Generating more high quality leads” is the top marketing challenge for organizations of all sizes, whether B2B, B2C, or B2B2C. (Forrester 2012 Benchmark Lead Generation Report)

Online Video Marketing: How Long Is Too Long?

Over at the Online Video Marketing Deep Dive blog, direct marketing veteran Gary Hennerberg and video marketing strategist Perry Alexander hold forth on all things video, mixing practical experience and current research to deliver useful advice. Gary’s recent blog advising

Four Steps for Starting the Lead Management Process

In a recent webinar titled “The Blueprint for Turning Prospects into Customers” Carlos Hidalgo, CEO of Annuitas Group and Craig Rosenberg, author of the blog, Funnelholic discussed lead management and how it relates to demand generation. Carlos began by defining