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How to Link Content Marketing and Sales

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When it comes to content marketing, should your business be creating and sharing more? Can you map content to sales results? Does your customer “bait” stand out from your competitors’? In a recent webinar, Ian Michiels, principal and managing director at Gleanster Research, dissected and discussed the value of inbound... View Article

How Sales Can Use “Content Prospecting”

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Your sales team can benefit from using a content prospecting method that combines email, voice, and content, in carefully planned steps. This process was outlined in a recent webinar: Content Prospecting: Enabling Sales Reps with Lead Nurture Best Practices, conducted by Bret Smith, founder and managing principal of High-Impact-Prospecting and... View Article

How to Get Started With B2B Marketing Metrics

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B2B marketing has evolved over the past decade, including a growing emphasis on measurement and analysis. According to a study by DemandGen Report, 40 percent of CEOs are tracking their marketing teams’ impact on revenue, and using that information to determine budgets and other marketing plans. This is where marketing... View Article