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Today’s post is a savvy infographic focused on the six most important elements for B2B online marketing success, courtesy of Tim Asimos of Circle S Studio. Each element digs into the critical tactics to make them all work – and work together. The six essential components are 1) strategy; 2) content marketing; 3) traffic generation; 4) lead generation; 5) lead management; and 6) analytics and measurement. Enjoy!


The science of B2B online marketing

Sherry is the editor of Act-On's Marketing Action blog. She also writes and edits eBooks, white papers, case studies, and miscellanea. She is an award-winning creative writer.

  • bri44any

    I think this is a good model for the beginnings of a marketing & sales relationship. The first 3 items are marketing heavy, the second 3 are marketing action that is directly beneficial to support salespeople (and decision makers), and I’m sure this process continues and we could do 3 more items that are sales heavy.

  • Jay McBain

    Very well structured infographic – I especially like the linkage to the sales funnel and what activities are important when,

    • SherryLamoreaux

      We’re working on a datasheet that focuses on which activities are recommended for which stage…it will show up in this space soon. Thanks!

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  • Tim

    Sherry, thanks for sharing our infographic. I’m excited for your data sheet. I look forward to checking it out when it gets published!

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