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Team Trifecta: Why Align Customer Success with Sales & Marketing?

Learn why companies should include their Customer Success team in their Sales and Marketing alignment plans to achieve lower marketing costs and increased…
CMO Interview

CMO Interview: An Inside Look at Marketing Trends

Kevin Bobowski, Act-On’s CMO, speaks to how he sees today’s marketing trends shaping up, and what it takes to be a great CMO.
Why Data-Driven Storytelling is the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing

Why Data-Driven Storytelling is the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing

Humans are hardwired to pay attention to stories, and we remember visuals longer than words. Discover the secrets to using your internal data…
MA Hacks

Marketing Hacks: 10 New Ways to Use Your Marketing Automation Platform

Marketing automation has outgrown the demand generation box. Explore 10 use cases for new ways to use your marketing automation platform throughout all…
a-to-z marketing ideas

An A to Z of Content Marketing Best Practices

A round-up of 25 time-tested content marketing best practices, and one silly bit of wordplay. Does anyone have a better Z?
email formula

Why Formulas Work Better than Templates for Email

Ever been tempted to buy a “winning” email template for a sales pitch? Discover why it’s a bad idea, and what you can…
spring cleaning

Spring Sending: Time for a Fresh Start

‘Tis spring, and a marketer’s fancy turns to – spring cleaning! Email list cleansing and validation will make all your sends more effective,…
episodic content

How Major Brands Are Winning Through Episodic Content

What if…you told a story so well that your buyers were eager to hear every new development? Get episodic content right, and you’re…
marketing panel interview

10 Very Smart People Weigh In on How to Rethink Marketing

How would you rethink marketing? We asked 10 thought leaders and here are their answers.
David Fowler_Digital Insights

Brexit and the Digital Landscape – What Can You Expect?

On June 23, 2016 the UK will vote to stay in – or leave – the European Union. What will this mean for…
get to know your customers

Happy #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay

There’s a whole calendar of hashtag holidays to spark your social editorial calendar. Some are silly, but #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay is the real thing.

7 Things You May Not Know About Google’s RankBrain

Artificial intelligence is real, now. Google’s RankBrain improves how people find you – when they’re looking for precisely what you offer.
efficient meetings

10 Ways to Have More Efficient Meetings

Sick of long meaningless meetings? Time lost is an opportunity cost that can never be recovered. Learn 10 tactics for more efficient meetings.
powering customer experience

Act-On: Powering the Customer Experience

Today’s marketer must weave brand awareness, demand generation and customer marketing into a balanced, global marketing strategy. Learn how Act-On can help you…
user generated content

User-Generated Content: Why It’s Driving 28 Percent Higher Engagement

People trust their peers. Learn 5 tactics for getting users involved in creating content for you, plus 5 tips for getting started with…

How to Write Headlines That Get Shared And Drive Traffic

The most important words in any of your content are the ones in the headline. Learn how to create great headlines that will…
email metrics

5 Email Metrics to Help Diagnose Your Mistakes

Learn the 5 basic email metrics, and what they might have to say about the health of your lists or your campaigns, plus…
digital marketing

Agencies Under Pressure to be More Digital

As marketing continues to get more digital, agencies must develop genuine competencies to survive and thrive. Take a look at this new digital…

10 People You Should Follow on Twitter if You’re in Marketing

Twitter is a great source of serendipitous learning – if you know where to look. Here are ten fonts of wisdom to follow…